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DGN Gina Sy Shares Some Tips on How to Secure Global Grants

On the 13th day of February 2021, District Governor Nominee (DGN) Gina GS Sy of Rotary International District 3820 served as one of the resource speakers of Rotary International District 3800 on their Pre-PETS 5

Held virtually, the pride of District 3820, especially when it comes to Global Grants, District Governor Nominee (DGN) Gina GS Sy discussed her magnificent “Ways to Find Partners.”

President-elect (PE) Pyker Lemi Picart Jr. of the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa West discussed the following takeaways to Transforming President Guia de Leon of their sister club, Rotary Club of San Pedro South. At the same time, PE Mikaelah Michelle Mikhai of the Lipa West Rotary Club posted DGN’s presentation in the Amazing Group Chat.

Essentially, the tips from DGN were:

1. Do community assessments now. We can talk in social media to look for partners.

2. Persistence, compassion, humility and communication are essential keys.

3. Complete papers have faster approval.

4. Make sure to submit on July 1, 2021.

5. Medical equipment seems to have faster approval.

6. Ensure thorough papers and partnership with city health office or government agencies.

7. Provide Rotary International with requirements whenever they ask.

8. Establish good relationship with donors, especially in other countries.

9. Be resourceful. There is no Global Grants yet for environmental protection.

DGN even mentioned that one of the DENR Undersecretaries is a Rotarian. She encouraged everyone to pitch in some good ideas for the environment, the Rotary’s seventh area of focus.

Finally, the ball is now in the hands of Rotary’s Presidents-elect. After Connecting to the World with Great and Inspiring Transformation, it’s high time to be amazing life-changing leaders.