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Rotary Club of Paranaque Central Empowers Women under Southville 3 Community through Global Grant 2117404

Southville 3 is a National Housing Authority relocation site for all the informal dwellers living along the railroad tracks of the Philippine National Railways.

Located within the National Bilibid Prisons reservation area in Muntinlupa, where there are more than 7,000 families housed there.
The area has been the focus community supported and assisted by the Rotary Club of Paranaque Central for more than a decade. Familiar with the area and living conditions of these families, improvement of their living conditions by providing them means of livelihood has always been the objective of the club.

This opportunity came when the club was able to get approval of a global grant from Rotary International under Global Grant No. 211404 with the main purpose of “ Empowering Women at Southville 3”, a sustainable livelihood project. Through this project, the club sees that empowerment of the women of this marginalized community to make them productive and augment family income is a project that will not also give them the skills but will have a far reaching effect
of leading to a comfortable and happy family life.

The grant will provide 16 sewing machines to the community cooperative, provide training on sewing to about 40 housewives to be conducted by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) , technical skills on Industrial Sewing Machine Operation (ISMO) to selected women and a National Certificate 2 certification for upgraded skills for qualified sewers. In addition, an
initial working capital for raw material procurement will be provided.

Operations of the sewing facility is under the Southville 3 Home Based Producers Association, Inc,, an SEC registered entity for the livelihood center which was established and supervised by the NHA. It is through this cooperative that all income generating activities are managed and administered. The Club will oversee the overall implementation and administration of the project, as well as overall management of the grant funds, assist on marketing and financial management, technical supervision on the judicious use of the
machines, supplies and other materials.

They have already started with a sub contract job for the sewing of more than a thousand five T shirts for a Laguna based firm.