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This issue reflects on the power of pictures that tell a story.  Everywhere you go, despite the constraints and challenges posed by the pandemic, Rotarians and their Rotary Clubs continue their mission of service.  We feature a kaleidoscope of projects all over the country in this issue.

End Polio Now continues to be our battlecry and the goal is almost at hand with just 2 countries left with still wild polio strains in their borders.  This is even more poignant as the infrastructure and processes we’ve developed over the years to respond to the polio vaccination program are now assets in our fight again the Covid19 pandemic.

We are almost 1 1/2 years in our battle against Covid19.  Despite our most valiant effort, we still have conquered the disease.  The key is really ramping vaccination to enable the reaching of herd immunity.  We cover the basics of the virus, the disease, the testing and the vaccines.  The goal is the prevent the spread and to lower the risk if you do get infected.  It is still a challenge but we will overcome.

Get inspired by all the stories in this issue.

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